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Don’t take our word for it!  See what other TRUGrit Swim Gym Clients are saying!

“Alecia was awesome! We took 3 weeks of lessons and went from a “non-swimmer” to a “having a swimmer”. Looking forward to next summer!”

Nicole C.

“Charlie is really missing swimming lessons this week. We are so thankful for you, Alecia Warneke! My boy can swim all the way across the pool now!”

Lynn H.

“For a boy who last week could not swim without his floaties to swimming the length of the pool without any help! Totally worth the swim lessons and could not be more proud!! Thank you, Alecia Warneke!! #wortheverypenny”

Alicia B.

“Alecia did a fabulous job with my 3 yr old son. He refused to put his face in the water when we started lessons. After two weeks he was jumping into the pool and swimming back to the side. I definitely will sign up again next year.”

Candy J.

Thank you so much Alecia and team!!! The boys had a great time during their lessons and it was so helpful to get some pointers and help with what to work on!!  

Suthanya A.

When my son first began swim lessons with Alecia he was afraid of putting his face in the water, even in the bathtub. I grew up as a year around swimmer, even competing at the college level but I could not seem to help my son past his fear. He took to Alecia very quickly, … More Shanna B.

Shanna B.