We offer packages for group, semi-private, and private lessons. Most kids do great in a group, even if at first they are a little timid.  Peer pressure can go a long way, even with the littles! Students are always grouped by age (ages 3-5, and 6 and up)and skill level, so it is important to be as accurate as you can with this information.

The preschool age groups max at 4 students.  Once they are school age, and they are proficient in swimming lengths of the pool, the groups max at 6. This type of group is often coached and managed mostly from the deck. (Think swim team level coaching/stroke technique.)

Our semi-private lessons are a great option for students that have a friend at the same skill level, or parents looking for more individualized time at a more economical price.  If you don’t have someone in mind to pair with your student, we can help match you with someone.

Our private lessons are completely individualized to the specific needs of the student. The instructor can often accomplish progression in a very short time. On occasion, there are kids who really need private lessons. Those with excessive fear, and those whose skill level is far beneath their peers are great candidates for that.

All lessons of course consist of helping the student work toward the next swimming progression, whatever that is for them.  But we also discuss basic water safety, boat safety, and what to do if they see someone drowning. In the past we’ve had parents request a safety class to cover that in more detail with their children. We are happy to do that upon request.  Just let us know! Part of our mission is to teach as many kids as we can to keep them safe in the water!

Package Pricing:

Group: (up to 4) $80/child
Semi-Pvt.: $100/child
Private: $140/child

*Lesson packages include four consecutive day (30-minutes) lessons.

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