We exist to help you WIN in the water!


We offer packages for private, and semi-private lessons.

Our private lessons are completely individualized to the specific needs of the student. The instructor can often accomplish progression in a very short time. Those with excessive fear, and those whose skill level is far beneath their peers often require that.

Our semi-private lessons are a great option for students that have a friend or sibling at the SAME AGE & SKILL LEVEL. Otherwise, neither student really gets the attention or the skills they need to learn.

All lessons, of course, consist of helping the student work toward the next swimming progression, whatever that is for them.  But we also teach basic water safety, and appropriate behavior in and around the water. If you have specific requests or goals for your child, let us know! We are here to partner with you in your child’s development in the water.

Package Pricing:

Private: $155/child

Semi-Pvt.: $115/child

*Lesson packages include four consecutive day (30-minutes) lessons.