Why are lessons held on consecutive days?

We’ve found that students make the most progress if lessons are back to back. Occasionally, there are circumstances that warrant splitting up the lessons, and we schedule those on a case by case basis.

What if I need to cancel because my child is sick?

If your child is enrolled in private lessons, we will do our very best to reschedule for you, but because our sessions run consecutively, we cannot guarantee it. If your child is enrolled in semi-private or group lessons, we cannot reschedule, as their time is reflective of being in the group. If you would like to try and make up a sick day as an upgraded private lesson, we will do our best to find a slot for you. That one lesson would be prorated as private, but again, we cannot guarantee the slot.

What if it rains?

Rain is usually more of a problem for the parents than it is for the students. They are already wet in the water, and we make it a fun thing. (I mean, when is the last time your mom let you go outside to play in the rain?) As long as we can still see the bottom of the pool, and there is no thunder or lightning, lessons will proceed as scheduled.

What happens if there is thunder or lightning in the area, but there are no storm clouds?

This is much more serious than rain. Even if skies look clear, when there is thunder or lighting in the area, lessons will be postponed, or if need be, canceled. We must wait at least 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder or lightning spotted in order to safely conduct the lesson, as recommended by the National Lightning Safety Institute. The immediate safety of everyone is priority over finishing a lesson. (Even if other parents are choosing to let their children still play in the pool.)

What do we do if the weather calls for thunder storms during the time of my lesson?

As we all know, the weather can change from one moment to the next. Our staff monitors the weather on an hourly basis. We will contact you at least 15-30 minutes prior to the start of your lesson as to the status.

What do we do if our lesson is canceled due to bad weather?

We reserve Friday and Saturday as makeup days, to ensure your swimmer receives all their lessons

I have multiple children. Can my children get lessons together?

Lessons are scheduled according to swim level and age (P: 3-5 years & S: 6 and up.) Semi-private and group lessons are only productive if all students are at the same swim level. Also, older children who are in with “the babies” tend to approach the lessons already feeling inadequate. However, if it is just your children in the lessons, we can accommodate that. But please be aware: it requires much more time to teach to different levels, and they will not progress as fast in this environment. If you would like semi-private or group lessons and your children are not the same level, it is recommend we match them to others with like ages and skills.

How do I know my child’s swim level?

(P=Preschool  S=Student)

P/S1 – Will not put whole face in the water/afraid of the water

P/S2 – Comfortable with head in the water, but will sink without flotation

P/S3 – Can move in the water without any flotation with one breath hold; can float on front and back and move independently

P/S4 – Can take a breath and keep going; can swim and float on front and back and perform safety roll onto back

P/S5 – They are swimming the length of the pool by themselves on front and back

How do I schedule my child in a group lesson?

We will put your child on a waiting list until we can find a group at the same swim level. Then we will look for a mutually convenient week to schedule. If your child has friends the same skill level and they want to swim together, let us know!

What if I want lessons for my two-year-old? I think they are ready to swim!

There is something special that happens in child development at age three. Their thinking and perception of their world shifts from “me” to “we,” and their comprehension and maturity is significantly higher than when they were two. This makes three a great age to learn to swim. However, there are some two-year-olds who are ready. There are two key components for a two-year-old to successfully learn to swim: 1.) they are not afraid, and 2.) even if they are, they do exactly what they are told. Most two-year-olds struggle with the latter, but not because they are bad kids…they are just TWO! That is what two-year-olds do. That said, we do private lessons for this age group on request, as it always increases your child’s comfort level in the water, as well their awareness of water safety. We do not, however, guarantee that your two-year-old will be able to swim across the pool after lessons conclude.

What if I don’t have a neighborhood pool?

No worries! We can provide lessons at a neighborhood pool in North Forsyth.

I never learned how to swim. Do you teach adults, too?

Yes! Alecia is certified in Adult Swim Instruction, and teaches all of our adult lessons. These lessons are all taught in a one-on-one environment to give you the maximum attention you need to feel safe, and succeed at learning to swim. So don’t be shy! Come learn the life skill that will enable you and your children to enjoy the water together! 

What qualifications do the instructors have?

All our instructors have a competitive swimming background, have undergone initial online training, a rigorous 40-hour hands on training program (most of which is in the water), have current certifications in BLS/AED/First Aid, and of course, love kids.

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