Shanna B.

When my son first began swim lessons with Alecia he was afraid of putting his face in the water, even in the bathtub. I grew up as a year around swimmer, even competing at the college level but I could not seem to help my son past his fear. He took to Alecia very quickly, she had such a kind and gentle way she engaged with him while also remaining firm in her instructions. Before his first lesson was over he was already jumping into the pool to her. That night he couldn’t wait until he got to come back to the pool to see her again. By the time he finished his set of 4 lessons, he was swimming across the pool on his own! It brought happy tears to my eyes to not only see his ability and strength in the water grow, but also to see his fear of the water dissipate. He was able to enjoy the rest of the summer playing at his Nana’s pool, jumping in the deep end and swimming to the shallow. He even passed a swim test at the Alpharetta YMCA to be able to go down the water slide. I can’t wait for lessons again this summer, and would not dream of taking him anywhere else!